Group & special tours

Guided museum tour

Guided museum tours can be booked in advance for groups of up to 25 persons. Our Museum guide will take you on an hour-long tour through the exhibition and give you exclusive insights into the history of Porsche, in German or English.

On request you will receive guided tours in French, Italian and Chinese.

More information about the prices is available here.

Zuffenhausen History Walk

Starting this year, the Porsche Museum offers a brand-new way of experiencing the Porsche factory premises. The Zuffenhausen History Walk allows interesting insights about significant structures such as the brick building “Werk 1” where Porsche moved to in 1938. During this guided tour, the past and the present meet future: up to 15 visitors will be shown historical pictures of the beginnings of the sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen on a multimedia device as they stand in front of the new and modern construction buildings. As of 2019, the main plant will – apart from the 911 and 718 models – also produce the Taycan, the first entirely electrical Porsche sports car. More information about the prices is available here.


In the future, the Porsche Museum will continue to use modern channels and devices to explain its origins and experience in the automotive industry. A new multimedia guide with high-definition touchscreen adds more than 5000 visuals and 700 short films to the previously available audiomaterial and is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. For children we offer a special version.

Guided museum tours

Customised guided tours

Guided tour through the Porsche Museum. Bookings for groups up to 25 persons plus the correspondingly valid admission rate (following advance notification).

  • Price (incl. admission)

    180 €

Public museum tour

Tour of Porsche Museum. Fee per participant plus correspondingly applicable admission rate, as available, at maximum 25 persons.

  • Price (plus admission)

    6 €

911/718 factory tour

Public 911/718 factory tours

Public factory tours as available.

  • Price

    10 €

Private 911/718 factory tour

Fee per group (adults, children aged 12 and over), maximum group size: 15 persons (following advance notification).

  • Price

    150 €

Site tour

Private site tours

Tour for groups up to 15 persons (following advance notification). No access to buildings.

  • Price

    150 €

Taycan factory and drive technology tours

Public Taycan factory tours

Public factory tour as available, maximum group size: 15 persons (adults, children over twelve).

  • Price

    15 €

Private Taycan factory tour

Fee per group (adults, children aged 12 and over), maximum group size: 15 persons (following advance notification).

  • Price

    225 €

Drive technology plant tour

Fee per group (adults, children aged 12 and over), maximum group size: 15 persons (following advance notification).

  • Price

    180 €


If you'd like to book a group tour or a special tour, please leave us a message and we will contact you.

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Factory tours

Combine your visit to the Museum with a factory tour. The factory tour starts in the Museum itself. Factory tours take place from Monday to Friday.

A previous enrollment is necessary.


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Upcoming events


We have decided from a sense of responsibility towards our visitors and our employees that we will follow the current statement of the municipality of Stuttgart due to the current situation regarding the containment of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that the Porsche Museum will be closed from now on until further notice.

This also means that all guided tours and didactic programs in the museum as well as our factory tours in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen are canceled. This regulation applies with immediate effect. We reserve the right to make possible changes in accordance with the general further developments regarding the overall situation.

Our visitor service will provide alternative appointments for all guided tours and didactic programs that have already been booked.

Once we have further information, we will inform you immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact our visitor service.

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