June / July 2004

If you're curious and would like to know more about our Porsche Magazine, you’ll find selected articles here for you to read as a sample.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Premiere - The Perfectionist

The first look at the new 911 Carrera: Even in its sixth generation, the classic Porsche combines such true values as emotion and top technology

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Driving - Courage

On the tracks of the gold-diggers: With the Cayenne on an adventure tour of the Australian High Country

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Catching a Ride - A Novel Experience

Roads not traveled are avenues not explored. With this idea as its guidepost, Christophorus takes a seat in the cars of people who drive – to find out what drives them. This time, we meet best-selling author Leon de Winter

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Column - Getting Out

Is this where women’s lib has gotten us? A woman’s view of getting out of a sports car

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Life Styles - Living Classic

Nature and culture: At the opera festival in idyllic Glyndebourne, southern England, traditions are cultivated in style

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Life Styles - Hands, Heart, and Soul

Excellence takes time—or does it? A visit to Sam Maloof, the most famous furniture designer in the world and an enthusiastic Porsche driver

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