August / September 2004

If you're curious and would like to know more about our Porsche Magazine, you’ll find selected articles here for you to read as a sample.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Driving - Pilgrimage

Pages 12 to 19
The first jaunts in the new 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S - and the designer gets knighted!

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Driving - Pilgrimage

Pages 20

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Technology - The Winning Six

Two options, one topic: The engine of the new 911; during a workshop, we have a chance for a close-up view

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History - Mille grazie

With the 550 A Spyder, the Mille Miglia is half adventure, half pleasure

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Column - Read My Lips

Remembering emotional moments: On the fascination of kissing in a sports car

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Travel - So Where Are They Running?

Never has a marathon been run on more historic turf than at the Olympic Games in Athens. We drove the 42.195-km route where it all began, in a Boxster

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Gourmet - Brewing up a Strom

The village of Hallerndorf only has 3000 inhabitans - but six breweries. Hallerndorf is only one example of Franconia’s rich beer-brewing tradition

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Catching a Ride

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