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718 T Models
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The heart of every individual Porsche: the engine. In the new 718 Boxster T and 718 Cayman T models, the 2.0 litre turbocharged horizontally opposed engine sits just centimetres behind you. Mounted deep. For an optimum vehicle centre of gravity. With direct fuel injection (DFI), VarioCam Plus and integrated dry-sump lubrication. To reduce particulate emissions, the 718 T models feature a particulate filter, therefore meeting the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. The necessary regeneration process of the particulate filter runs independently and unnoticed. The 718 T models accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 5.1 seconds. And with PDK and Launch Control, in 4.7 seconds. Enabled by a power unit with 220kW (300hp) and a maximum torque of 380Nm, thanks to turbocharged induction, is available as low as 1,950rpm and up to 4,500rpm. This is supplemented by engine characteristics configured to offer the high rev limits typical of a sports car. In summary: high compression and high engine speed combine with good modulation of power output. And, at its peak, 275km/h at 6,500rpm. That's how quickly you can clear your head.

Porsche Engine - 718 Boxster T and 718 Cayman T concept

718 Boxster T and 718 Cayman T concept

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Exterior design

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