Porsche - Charge conveniently at home. - Recharge on time.
Charge conveniently at home.
Recharge on time.

Come home – and fill up: Porsche E-Performance offers you clever and complete charging solutions for your electric sports car. Tuned to your personal wishes and spatial conditions. Suited to your everyday life. And we don’t just mean the perfect charging equipment, but also helpful services and apps, such as the Porsche Connect app. So you’ll always be efficient, even during pit stops.

Hardware and infrastructure.

Comfortably integrated into everyday life: charge your electric sports car at any time in your own garage. Come home, park and plug in to the power supply – it couldn't be easier.
Porsche offers you two charging solutions for charging at home: the Porsche Mobile Charger and the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect. Both can be connected to your household or industrial electrical outlet and the vehicle.

Porsche Mobile Charger
Porsche Mobile Charger
Charge your Porsche from your household or industrial electrical outlet with the Porsche Mobile Charger. Both cables, which are used to connect the charger and electrical outlet, are included in delivery. You can choose between different designs for your Porsche Mobile Charger: more information is available from your Porsche Centre.
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is a charger with a five-inch touchscreen display which you can connect with your household connection or your industrial electrical outlet. It is available with an output of up to 22kW. The device can be configured and operated via your WiFi.
Porsche Charging Dock
Porsche Charging Dock
The Porsche Charging Dock is a particularly elegant wall mount for your Porsche Mobile Charger Connect. When you hook the charger into the dock, it is safely stowed away and protected from external factors.
The Charging Dock can be assembled either on the wall or on a separate charging pedestal available as an option. It can be locked and used both in the garage and outdoors.
Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal
Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal
In many cases, it is not possible to fix the bracket for the charger on the wall directly. With the Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal, we offer an elegant alternative for your garage or parking space.

Porsche Connect and E-Performance.

With the apps and services from Porsche Connect**, you can conveniently operate various vehicle functions from your living room. For example, control the charging process, check the state of charge of your battery or bring your Porsche to a comfortable temperature before you start your trip.

**The availability and functionality of the Porsche Connect services can vary in certain countries. You will find further information about the availability of the services in your country at

Porsche - Charging on the road.

Charging on the road.

Electromobility does not end outside your front door. Or at the city limits. With Porsche E-Performance, we think ahead and offer you a comprehensive charging network so that you always stay energised, even on the road.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance, electromobility and the sports car of the future.

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Cayenne E-Hybrid
3,2 – 3,1
l/100 km
74 – 70
18,5 – 17,6
kwh/100 km