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The first custom work for you. Our consultation.

The first custom work for you. Our consultation.

A Porsche is unique. Through your vision and our competence, it becomes as individual as your fingerprint. With great attention to detail, we will work with you to develop a tailor-made design concept that will turn a Porsche into your personal Porsche.

Consultation in Porsche Experience Centers

The personalization of your sports car is a matter of the heart. For you – and for us. There is probably no better place to live out this shared passion than at the Porsche Experience Centers Atlanta and Los Angeles – at the heart of the brand. Here you will be received directly at the plant and individually advised by our experts with extensive knowledge of all options and vehicle models.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Studio

And as it is for the design of a real one-off product, our employees from the customer consulting department have only one thing in mind: you – and of course your sports car. A highlight of your visit to the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Studio. Here you will not only gain insights, but you can experience first-hand what attention to detail means to us.

Material and vehicle exhibition.

In addition, we offer you a unique collection of material and color samples. Among them are examples of personalized leather colors and paints. Exclusive access to our material archive completes our offer. But, of course, we also present unique products to you – in our extensive vehicle exhibition.

Contact Information

We are still available for you!

Due to these challenging times of Covid-19 our office operates with limited coverage.

To ensure personal space we keep our showroom in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen closed. However, we would like to let you know we still offer consultations.

In addition to consultations via phone or email, we established an opportunity for our customers to get a virtual consultation @ Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Zuffenhausen while being at home or in the office. We collaborated with GoInStore to launch a new program that uses high performance video and audio to deliver a ‘Live Advisor’ one-on-one consultation and tour of any of the vehicles at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur showroom through a live digital video chat.

For further details and to arrange a virtual consultation please use the contact form.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!

Your Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Team

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Exclusive Manufaktur Partner consultation. Globally

Exclusive Manufaktur Partner consultation. Globally

With your Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partner you can immerse yourself in the Porsche personalization world and are supervised holistically and individually by specially trained sales consultants. .All with the goal of realizing your very own dream vehicle. At your Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partner you will feel the passion and dedication of the employees when creating a personalized vehicle.

Porsche Personality - Personalized.


Your personal desire is our focus. The specially trained sales consultants work together with you to develop your personalized vehicle. Completely according to your personal requirements. Together with you, we design charismatic vehicles, which are harmonious in their entirety, down to the smallest detail. The result: a dream car that stands for a very specific attitude towards life: yours.

Porsche Personality - Personal.


The direct link to the specialists in Zuffenhausen provides answers for especially complex personalization wishes. It is with originality, inspiration and enthusiasm, but also with the necessary care and tranquility, that a Porsche beyond compare is created. Yours.

Porsche Personality - Exquisite.


Our customers experience unique moments at our Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partners, and transform their wishes into reality down to the very last detail. This is carried out primarily by means of color and seam patterns, as well as a large number of exclusive sample parts, individual production steps of selected options or personalized equipped vehicles.

Porsche Personality - Rich in experiences.

Rich in experiences.

The special equipment at the Porsche Centers, the Fitting Lounge with exclusive sample parts, the demonstration vehicles and, last but not least, the enthusiasm and dedication of the consultants will also make you feel the fascination of Porsche. For a unique customer experience.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partner