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Porsche Tours

Enjoy the exhilaration of driving a Porsche on a tour of some of the most attractive regions in Europe. Spend several days staying at some of the finest hotels along some of the most impressive routes, taking home with you a wealth of lasting memories.

Porsche Tour BackstageExperience the origins of the fascination of Porsche first-hand at the Stuttgart and Leipzig factories, and on the road of course. Porsche Alpine TourChallenging curves, hairpin bends and spectacular Alpine passes like the Julier Pass or the Timmelsjoch await you. Savour the rugged charm and natural beauty of the Alps. Porsche Tour Castles and WineVisit numerous castles from different eras that are just waiting to be discovered, as are a number of well-known wine regions. Both can be combined to make a perfect package in the driver's seat of a Porsche. Porsche Tour Savoir-vivreExperience unique landscapes in an exceptional car, in combination with regional culinary delicacies. That's what is meant by the expression “living (and driving) in the lap of luxury”. Porsche Tour of the Dolomite AlpsThe imposing rocky crags of the Dolomites make South Tyrol especially fascinating. A highly active driving experience on challenging stretches of road and with the chance to savour regional specialities. Porsche Tour Via CulinariaDriving fun for epicureans in the Salzburg region. Take a trip to the origins of the Porsche brand with many culinary highlights along the way. Porsche Tour of Vienna/Budapest/Prague3 world famous cities, each with its own unique flair, 3 places with a common history and 1 Porsche to link them all. Porsche Tour of ScotlandYou will experience the joy of boundless freedom on your journey through the Scottish Highlands. The tour will take you through green valleys, past crumbling castle ruins and pristine lakes at either a leisurely or a sportier pace. Porsche Tour of Provence/Côte d’AzurCannes, Nice, St. Tropez and the Col de Turini are destinations anyone would like to head for. The Porsche Tour of Provence/Côte d’Azur offers you the best opportunity to do so: in the driver's seat of a Porsche, of course. Porsche Tour of TuscanySouthern European flair, Mediterranean delicacies. Unbeatable Porsche driving pleasure. In Italian it's la bella Italia, la dolce vita, la strada. Porsche Tour of CroatiaExperience the land of a thousand islands with its crystal-clear waters and winding mountain roads. These are ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday feeling – the wind in your hair behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the Boxster models: Ciclo urbano 14,2 l/100 km-10,9 l/100 km; Ciclo extraurbano 7,5 l/100 km-6,2 l/100 km; Ciclo combinato 9,9 l/100 km-7,9 l/100 km; Emissioni di CO2 230 g/km-183 g/km.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the Cayman models: Ciclo urbano 14,8 l/100 km-10,9 l/100 km; Ciclo extraurbano 7,8 l/100 km-6,2 l/100 km; Ciclo combinato 10,3 l/100 km-7,9 l/100 km; Emissioni di CO2 238 g/km-183 g/km.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the 911 models: Ciclo urbano l/100 km 19,2-11,3; Ciclo extraurbano l/100 km 8,9-6,6; Ciclo combinato l/100 km 12,7-8,2; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 296-191.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the 918 Spyder models: Ciclo urbano l/100 km -; Ciclo extraurbano l/100 km -; Ciclo combinato l/100 km 3,1-3,0; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 72-70; Consumo di corrente elettrica kWh/100 km 12,7.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the Panamera models: Ciclo urbano l/100 km 15,2-7,7; Ciclo extraurbano l/100 km 7,9-5,6; Ciclo combinato l/100 km 10,5-3,1; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 245-71.
Consumi/Emissioni* Panamera S E-Hybrid: Ciclo combinato l/100 km 3,1; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 71; Categoria di efficienza energetica E.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the Macan models: Ciclo urbano l/100 km 11,8-6,7; Ciclo extraurbano l/100 km 7,8-5,7; Ciclo combinato l/100 km 9,2-6,1; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 216-159.

Consumi/Emissioni* of the Cayenne models: Ciclo urbano l/100 km 15,9-7,6; Ciclo extraurbano l/100 km 8,9-6,2; Ciclo combinato l/100 km 11,5-6,6; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 267-173.
Consumi/Emissioni* Cayenne S E-Hybrid: Ciclo combinato l/100 km 3,4; Emissioni di CO2 g/km 79; Consumo combinato kWh/100 km 20,8.