Porsche - Driving states

Driving states

Boosts driving pleasure.
Curbs emissions.

Every Porsche E-Hybrid model has five main driving states: electric driving, combustion engine driving, boost, coasting and recuperation. They are controlled automatically and according to requirements. The pioneering drive concept can thus make full use of its potential in every situation and you can concentrate on what's really important: driving pleasure.

Porsche Driving states - Electric driving

Electric driving

All-electric drive:

- Vehicle is driven exclusively by the electric machine
- For emission-free driving and zero fuel consumption

Porsche Driving states - Combustion engine driving

Combustion engine driving

Powerful combustion engine:

- Vehicle is powered by combustion engine
- For long journeys and high speeds

Porsche Driving states - Boost


Maximum total system power using kickdown function:

- Vehicle is powered by electric motor and combustion engine
- For enhanced performance and dynamic responsiveness, e.g. for overtaking manoeuvres

Porsche Driving states - Coasting


Gliding without accelerator input:

- Combustion engine is switched off and disengaged automatically
- For emission-free gliding without drive power and without consuming any fuel

Porsche Driving states - Recuperation


Regenerative braking:

- Under braking, the electric machine works as a generator to produce electrical energy, and the combustion engine switches off automatically
- Recovery of braking energy that would otherwise be lost – which can later be used for electric driving