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Porsche - Cayman 211 hk - Code of the curve.

Cayman 211 hk

Code of the curve.

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Tekniske spesifikasjoner
Akselavstand: 2475 mm
Lengde: 4380 mm Høyde: 1294 mm
  Manuell girkasse Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
Effekt 211 hk (155 KW) ved 7400 211 hk (155 KW) ved 7400
Akselerasjon fra 0–100 km/t 6,3 s 6,2 s
Topphastighet 246 km/t 244 km/t
Drivstofforbruk/-utslipp* Blandet kjøring i l / 100 km 8,2 l / 100 km 7,7 l / 100 km
CO2-utslipp i g/km 192 g 180 g
Pris fra kr. 714.900 fra kr. 720.900



Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Boxer engines

Boxer engines

Inner strength, the will to advance and a clear position. These are important prerequisites for the creation of any sports car, and we also found them to be precisely the right requirements for this drivetrain.

That is why the Cayman models are equipped with a compact, mid-mounted boxer engine...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Performance


2.7-litre engine

The Cayman is equipped with a free-revving 2.7-litre flat-six engine with direct fuel injection (DFI) and VarioCam Plus. It develops 202 kW (275 hp) at 7,400 rpm. The maximum torque of 290 Nm is available across a wide speed range from 4,500 to 6,500 rpm.

The Cayman with six-speed...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts

Dynamic gearbox mounts are a component of the optionally available Sport Chrono Package. This electronically controlled system minimises the oscillations and vibrations of the entire drivetrain, especial-ly the engine, and combines the benefits that otherwise distinguish hard and soft gearbox...

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)

This optional system for increasing dynamic performance and stability varies the distribution of torque to the rear wheels and includes a mechanically locking rear differential.

When the car is driven assertively into a corner, moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel....

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Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Lights



A design is either fascinating or functional. The front and rear lights of the new Cayman models can be both. Clear glass halogen headlights are fitted on the Cayman as standard. The Cayman S is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon headlights. In classic Cayman fashion, the circular front light...

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Interaktiv Microsite

Porsche Cayman 211 hk - Interaktiv Microsite

Code of the curve.

The new Cayman models. Built to our specifications and the code of the curve. Consistently realised in a Sports Car that contradicts the common conventions of automotive manufacturing. And which reinterprets the fascination of the Sports Car. Follow the new Cayman to that place where you can feel the butterflies in your stomach: into the curve.

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