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Porsche - Cayenne S Diesel - Efficiency: enhanced. Performance: increased.

Cayenne S Diesel

Efficiency: enhanced. Performance: increased.

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Tekniske spesifikasjoner
Akselavstand: 2895 mm
Lengde: 4846 mm Høyde: 1699 mm (stålfjæring)
  Tiptronic S
Effekt 382 hk (281 KW) ved 3750 1/min
Akselerasjon fra 0–100 km/t 5,7 s
Topphastighet 252 km/t
Drivstofforbruk/-utslipp* Blandet kjøring i l / 100 km 8,3 l / 100 km
CO2-utslipp i g/km 218 g
Pris fra kr. 1.389.900



Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Performance


In the Cayenne S Diesel beats the heart of a pure-bred athlete. The smooth-running 4.2-litre V8 turbo-diesel engine is both efficient and extremely powerful. Generating 281 kW (382 hp), it enables the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 252 km/h. Maximum torque...

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Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Porsche Traction Management (PTM)

Porsche Traction Management (PTM)

In conjunction with Porsche Traction Management (PTM) active all-wheel drive, the chassis offers high levels of traction and impressive driving dynamics. The system continuously monitors the status of the car to ensure the optimum torque split in every driving scenario – for dynamic acceleration on...

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Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - 8-speed Tiptronic S

8-speed Tiptronic S

If you think about it, there’s really only one way to achieve success: by channelling your energy in the right direction. The impressive power of the new Cayenne S Diesel is transmitted to the road by the standard eight-speed Tiptronic S. The standard sports steering wheel has two ergonomic...

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Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Efficiency-enhancing measures

Efficiency-enhancing measures

As you’d expect from a diesel, efficiency levels are high. This is due to advanced technologies such as the standard auto start/stop function. The turbochargers on the Cayenne S Diesel also feature Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG). Thermal management ensures that the optimum operating temperature...

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Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Fuel


Our aim is to help you move forward – now and in the future.

That’s why the pursuit of performance on the Cayenne S Diesel was not based on horsepower alone, but also on efficiency and reduced emissions.

In contrast to a petrol engine, the 4.2-litre V8 turbo-diesel has a high compression ratio and...

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Interaktiv Microsite

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - Interaktiv Microsite

The new Cayenne S Diesel.

Life is all about setting yourself new goals every day. Always giving it your all and never wasting a second. Fulfilling your potential and living out your passions. How is this done? By using resources intelligently and following your own path with great determination. When developing the new Cayenne S Diesel, we were concerned with making it more powerful and yet, at the same time, more efficient.

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