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Porsche - Boxster 211 hk - Spirit, declared.

Boxster 211 hk

Spirit, declared.

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Tekniske spesifikasjoner
Akselavstand: 2475 mm
Lengde: 4374 mm Høyde: 1282 mm
  Manuell girkasse Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
Effekt 211 hk (155 KW) ved 5300-7400 211 hk (155 KW) ved 5300-7400
Akselerasjon fra 0–100 km/t 6,4 sek 6,3 sek (6,1 sek Sport+)
Topphastighet 245 km/t 243 km/t
Drivstofforbruk/-utslipp* Blandet kjøring i l / 100 km 8,2 7,7
CO2-utslipp i g/km 192 180
Pris fra kr. 695.900 fra kr. 701.900



Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Boxer engines

Boxer engines

At Porsche, the mid-mounted boxer engine is more than a tradition, it is a legend.

One of the most renowned examples of its use was in the 550 Spyder. In conjunction with an intelligent lightweight construction, this arrangement delivered outstanding agility and cornering dynamics and proved to be...

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Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)

Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)

This optional system for increasing dynamic performance and stability varies the distribution of torque to the rear wheels and includes a mechanically locking rear differential.

When the car is driven assertively into a corner, moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel....

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Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Efficiency


Thermal management

The Boxster models feature a new version of thermal management to reduce friction losses that arise during the warm-up phase.

Thanks to the selective control strategy and on-demand, gradual activation of the various cooling circuits, the engine and gearbox warm up to normal...

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Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Lights


Lights will always be an essential safety feature, but we go one step further by using them as part of an extraordinary styling concept.

Clear glass halogen headlights are fitted as standard on the Boxster. The Boxster S is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon headlights. On both models, LED daytime...

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Porsche Boxster 211 hk - Interior


Ultimately, the feeling of freedom comes from within. The interior of the Boxster models is purposefully designed as a declaration of independence.

The geometric form of the cockpit follows a clear direction: forwards. The ascending centre console integrates the driver optimally into the vehicle by...

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