February / March 2008

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Historic Moments

A new corporation, the Porsche Automobil Holding SE, first met the public at the press conference for the annual report in November, and now greets the shareholders in January.

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Stable Mates

We’re on a discovery tour of the Portuguese Algarve in a Cayenne GTS. It’s a landcape made to order for the latest version of the sporty SUV: stimulating, varied, and vigorous.

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Bride of the Wind

Susi is a new employee at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach. She works in the wind tunnel, where she braves the buffeting for the sake of Cabrio drivers.

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Speed Master

“Once again, we’ve improved the aerodynamics, the drivability and the fuel consumption on the RS Spyder,” says Porsche motorsports boss Hartmut Kristen, as the ALMS 2008 season looms.

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Care Packages

The classic cars at the Porsche Museum are sent out around the world - tough traveling for senior citizens. This precious cargo gets special packaging.

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A Heritage of Design

In the Austrian town of Zell am See, luxury accessories for men and consumer items for international clients are created under the Porsche label. A visit to the Porsche Design Studio.

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Designs for Life

They’re cutting edge without being trendy. Innovative, but not just for the sake of novelty. Original, but not one of a kind - products by Porsche Design.

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News: The “David” for Young Filmmakers

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News: The Panamera with a Hybrid Drive

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News: Investment in the Future

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