February / March 2006

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Take a Look: Happy Birthday, Boxster

Its self confidence is its most obvious feature. And its most fitting one. Taking a look at the Boxster is particularly worthwhile in 2006: Porsche’s roadster is turning ten.

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The 911 Turbo: New Power

It’s holding on to its lead, and it cuts a fine figure - a narrow waistline, a broad back… and a tail end that sports an electric expression of strength. The new 911 Turbo is all power, with new technology and an unambiguous message: performance can be fascinating.

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Turbo from Space

The new 911 Turbo has added power once again. A new Porsche technological advance has made that possible: For the first time in a Porsche, a turbocharger with variable-turbine geometry is to be used in a gasoline engine.

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Nice Power

Porsche presents the new top athlete of the Cayenne fleet: When the Cayenne Turbo S lets its muscles play, it boasts an impressive 383 kW (521 hp), which makes it the most powerful Porsche on the market after the Carrera GT.

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Charge this Car

The turbo engine principle has turned one hundred. The term “turbo” has been inseparably connected with the Porsche brand since October 1974. That’s when the 911 Turbo, the first production sports car in the world with an exhaust-gas turbocharger, came out. Since then, Porsche has been the moving force behind the development of this technology.

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First Aid

Value creation in medical science: Porsche Consulting provided the cardiovascular surgery unit at Freiburg University Hospital with first aid in process optimization.

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The Porsche Gene

I once read a survey of men in which seventy percent admitted to knowing their cars better - and loving them much more - than their own wives. They can’t be very good men, I thought.

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When the Ice is Right

Sweet’n’sour - ice wine is both. This exclusive specialty is increasingly popular with wine lovers around the world. The right climatic conditions to produce these rare wines are found primarily in Germany, Austria and parts of Canada.

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Welcome Home – Away from Home

We all need a refuge from the stress and hectic pace of our busy world once in a while. Prielau Castle is just such a haven - the perfect place to get away from it all. Join us for a little vacation at this unusual hotel, which has been owned by the Porsche family since 1987.

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News - Building the Future

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News - 911 Congratulations

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News - Protecting Independence

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Catching a Ride

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