August / September 2006

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Toro Turbo

Never has it been so powerful. On the prowl, searching for a place to run the new 911 Turbo, Porsche found it in Andalusia: in the town of Benalup, near Jerez, the international media gained an impression of the healthy self-confidence of the “Toro Turbo.”

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The Fair Way

In the gentleman’s sport of golf, good sports manship and fair play are spelled with capital letters – and fair play is also the motto of the Fairplay Golf Hotel in Benalup near Cádiz in Spain.

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Revving to Go

A new member has joined the Porsche mid-engine coupe family: following the successful launch of the Cayman S in the fall of 2005, the Cayman entered the European and US markets at the end of July. The agile two-seater with two trunks delivers 245 hp (180 kW).

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Power for Purists

All signs point to an offensive: the new 911GT3 RS has arrived. Impressive in its lightness, the GT3 RS is at home on the track but legal on the street. Its appeal can be experienced in Europe starting in October and in the USA beginning in March 2007.

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Take Two

Porsche provided the most un-mellow yellow in the history of the American Le Mans: on the historic Mid-Ohio race track, the RS Spyder outdid even the more powerful competition and celebrated a memorable double victory.

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Jewel Box

It’s all in the name: with the new Porsche Arena as part of its events complex, Stuttgart hopes to enter the fast lane and race to the top of the European events market. Some big sporting events have already signed up – four world championships are slated to take place in Porsche’s home town next year.

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Beauty Sleep

There are different kinds of silence. Like the silence of expectation. Or the silence of reverence. Both permeate the places where some of the most famous race cars in the world are being re-awakened to a life in the new Porsche Museum. We at Christophorus have been allowed to take a sneak peek.

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36°10’57’’N, 6°1’58’’WCabo Trafalgar

When we headed to Spain for a photo shoot featuring the new 911 Turbo, the result was an unusual encounter between the past and the present.

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Goodbye, Mustang Sally – Hello, Sally Carrera!

Auto-mated animation: a Porsche 911 plays the female lead role in the latest Disney⁄ Pixar animated film; Sally Carrera lends glory to Cars.

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News: Leipzig to Build the Panamera

Porsche’s Board of Management announced that the Panamera four-door sports coupe will be built in Leipzig. The company plans to expand the plant and invest a total of 120 million euros, which will lead to the creation and protection of more than two thousand jobs in Germany.

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News: US Customers Give Porsche Top Grades

In the internationally renowned 2006 J.D.Power and Associates Initial Quality Study-SM(IQS), Porsche has claimed the pole position for the first time.

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News: Boxster ModelsReceive Power Surge

Beginning with the 2007 model year, the Boxster and the Boxster S will pack even more power.

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Take a Look

How do I get there? Here’s the answer to that question. Bertram Kirchmann has more than six hundred street signs hanging on the wall of his house in Amorbach, in northern Bavaria.

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