April / May 2006

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Such Quantities of Sand

For its driving début, the new Cayenne Turbo S was sent to the desert – to Dubai. You can’t ask for more performance than that.

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Lions' Den

Strong showing in a three-pack: At the Geneva Auto Salon, Porsche shone with its new power-packs, the 911 GT3, the 911 Turbo, and the Cayenne Turbo S.

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Up to the Last Part

The countdown is running: In a few weeks, the last Carrera GT will be built. A visit to the Porsche workers in Leipzig who have seen the high-performance sports car on its way.

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Double Excellence

One of the most exciting sports cars of all times is the 904. In the inventory room of the Porsche Museum, two especially exclusive vehicles have now met.

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The First Time

The excitement, the curiosity, the tingle – an experience that thrills all the senses. On the first meeting with a new Porsche.

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Height Intoxication

The Uspallata Pass in the Andes connects Chile and Argentina. Crossing the mountain range at 3500 meters is a special kind of experience in a Porsche.

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Ferry Nice

The life of Ferry Porsche is a fairy tale of the business world. With the book Ferrytales, Susanne Porsche looks back on the moving life of a mover.

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Get a Taste of the New Berlin

In Berlin, an ambitious avant-garde of young German now reigns. In the restaurants Hugo, Facil, 44, and Vox, creativity knows no bounds.

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News - Steps to success

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News - Reconstruction

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News - Golden touch

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Catching a Ride

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