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Porsche Travel Club

Porsche Adventure Tour of NamibiaEnjoy pure adventure and explore the desert and the nature reserves of Namibia. Your companion in Namibia’s open plains: a Porsche Cayenne or Macan. Porsche Tour of Vienna/Budapest/Prague3 cities with rich history, countless places of interest and their own unique flavours, a visit to these major cities is an unforgettable experience. And so is driving a Porsche. PhilosophyYou don’t have to be a member to enjoy our fantastic travel offers. OverviewChoose your favourite tour and embark on a journey that will lift you out of the everyday. Porsche ToursEnjoy the exhilaration of driving a Porsche on a tour of some of the most attractive regions in Europe. Spend several days staying at some of the finest hotels along some of the most impressive routes, taking home with you a wealth of lasting memories. Porsche Adventure ToursAdventure, action, adrenaline. Three key attributes on our six to eleven day Adventure Tours in Romania or Namibia. Porsche ShortbreaksLeave your everyday life behind, right from the very first moment. Spend one or two days driving along some of the most beautiful routes in Germany and further afield. Terms and ConditionsLearn all about our terms and conditions that apply if you book a tour with the Porsche Travel Club. Tailor-made packages and incentive packagesExperience many unforgettable moments with your colleagues and business partners, while exploring some of the most beautiful venues in a number of different Porsche models." Gift voucherGive away a trip of the special kind. The Porsche Travel Club gift voucher. Event bookingHave you made your decision? Then apply for one of our tours here. Picture galleryPictures are worth a thousand words. Let our picture gallery convince you of the fascination that is Porsche. FAQsDo you have any questions about the Porsche Travel Club? You will find the answers to the most important questions here. PartnersA basic Porsche principle: maximum performance can only be achieved as a team. Contact details

Consommation* of the Boxster models: Cycle urbain (l/100 km) 12,7 l-10,9 l; Cycle extra urbain (l/100 km) 7,1 l-6,2 l; Cycle mixte (l/100 km) 9,0 l-7,9 l; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 211-183.

Consommation* of the Cayman models: Cycle urbain (l/100 km) 14,8 l-10,9 l; Cycle extra urbain (l/100 km) 7,8 l-6,2 l; Cycle mixte (l/100 km) 10,3 l-7,9 l; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 238-183.

Consommation* of the 911 models: Cycle urbain (l/ 100 km) 18,9-11,3; Cycle extra urbain (l/ 100 km) 8,9-6,6; Cycle mixte (l/ 100 km) 12,4-8,2; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 289-191.

Consommation* of the 918 Spyder models: Cycle urbain (l/100 km) -; Cycle extra urbain (l/100 km) -; Cycle mixte (l/100 km) 3,1-3,0; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 72-70; Consommation électrique en kWh/100 km 12,7.

Consommation/Émissions* of the Panamera models: Cycle urbain l/100 km 15,7-7,7; Cycle extra-urbain l/100 km 7,9-5,6; Cycle mixte l/100 km 10,7-3,1; Émissions de CO2 (g/km) 249-71.
Consommation/Émissions* Panamera S E-Hybrid: Cycle mixte l/100 km 3,1; Émissions de CO2 (g/km) 71; Consommation électrique, cycle mixte en kW/100 km 16,2.

Consommation/Émissions* of the Macan models: Cycle urbain l/100 km 11,8-6,7; Cycle extra-urbain l/100 km 7,8-5,7; Cycle mixte l/100 km 9,2-6,1; Émissions de CO2 (g/km) 216-159.

Consommation/Émissions* of the Cayenne models: Cycle urbain (l/ 100 km) 15,9-7,6; Cycle extra urbain (l/ 100 km) 8,9-6,0; Cycle mixte (l/ 100 km) 11,5-6,6; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 267-173.
Consommation/Émissions* Cayenne S E-Hybrid: Cycle mixte (l/ 100 km) 3,4; Emission CO2 g/km (cycle mixte) 79; Consommation électrique, cycle mixte en kW/100 km 20,8.