Porsche - Guide To Definitions

Guide To Definitions

“Your Porsche refers to new vehicles, Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Cars and non-China supplied vehicle with road assistance package. Porsche assistance service is valid during the actual warranty period your Porsche is entitled to.

‘Covered Area’ is defined as Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao. Assistance is provided as long as the vehicle is accessible by the recovery vehicle (i.e. at home, at roadside, on the highway, in parking lot, etc.) and not at the Porsche Centre already.

‘Covered Customer’ is the owner (or driver) and all the passengers travelling in the vehicle at the moment the emergency assistance was required within the limits authorised by the Porsche.

‘Covered Events’

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Driver/Customer error
  • Road accident

‘Passengers’ are those persons travelling in your Porsche at the moment that assistance is required. The benefits under this programme extend to the driver and to a maximum number of persons that the vehicle is legally allowed to carry.

‘Immobilisation’ is an electrical or mechanical breakdown or road traffic accident that causes your Porsche to be immobilised. Immobilisation also includes running out of fuel, a punctured tyre, lost keys or the theft of the vehicle.

Porsche Service Centre’ refers to any authorised Porsche Service Centre. Porsche Assistance is not transferable from car to car but is transferable to subsequent owners of the Porsche. Please note that the benefits of the Porsche Assistance, and the cover to which it relates, do not in any respect include the payment of the cost of spare parts or repairs carried out to your Porsche, unless the part is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, conditions apply.

We describe in detail the extensive range of benefits provided by Porsche Assistance. Please read it carefully so that you fully understand your comprehensive benefits.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your Porsche is entitled to Porsche Assistance, please call Porsche Assistance at the telephone number given on the Contact Us page.