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Factory Tour Zuffenhausen

Porsche - 01
Image 1/6: View over Porsche Platz to Plant II and the Porsche Centre in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
Image 2/6: Porsche Platz with Plant II
Image 3/6: Porsche Platz with Porsche Centre Stuttgart
Image 4/6: The Porsche Centre in Stuttgart
Image 5/6: Porsche Customer Centre
Image 6/6: Works car sales in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Welcome to the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen!

If you have always wondered just where and how a Porsche is produced, then look no further! The online factory tour allows you to experience the Porsche production process as if you were actually there at the factory – from the bodyshop, through the paint and upholstery shops, to final assembly.

Porsche's production operations are housed in a collection of established buildings on a mixed industrial estate in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. A number of buildings on the production site have been declared industrial monuments. The site is also divided up by several roads. This constellation calls for special solutions in order to ensure flexible production operations in restricted space conditions. The partially automated bodyshop thus operates on the basis of a model mix system, which means that both the Porsche Boxster and all the variants of the 911 can be produced in any required sequence on only one production line.

The problems resulting from the fact that Schwieberdinger Strasse separates the bodyshop from the other production areas have also been solved in an unconventional manner. A 15 m high conveying bridge was installed over Schwieberdinger Strasse, connecting the bodyshop with the paint shop.

The multi-storey production set-up in the area of body and vehicle assembly is a further special feature underlining the unique character of the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen.

Another eye-catcher is the new Stuttgart Porsche Centre against the backdrop of the redesigned Porscheplatz in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

The engines for all of Porsche's standard production vehicles are produced in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, including the Cayenne engines and the new high-performance engine of the Carrera GT. In addition to the engine production operations, the 911 and Boxster bodies are also manufactured and assembled here. The Carrera GT and the Cayenne models are produced at the Porsche factory in Leipzig.

If we have whetted your appetite for an online factory tour, you can first of all go to the three-dimensional layout plan for a general overview of where the various production areas are located or, alternatively, you can set off directly on a tour of production operations. Further interesting detailed information is to be found in the section, 'The history of Porsche production'.